Simple. Effective. Fun. The recipe to a Swedish training secret since 1978.

Today, the local version of Heyrobics ( “Jympa”) is the biggest non-competitive workout in Sweden with than 6% of the Swedish population as active members. At Heyrobics, which is an updated version of the classic Swedish exercise, we keep fit through what is essentially a 1-hour workout performed by a single leader with easy-to-follow movements for the whole body.

In China, weʼve taken people sporting on everything from rooftops to parks, schools and streets – may it be groups of curious walk-ins or 30.000 shouting Chinese at Tiananmen Square! We’re taking on anyone from exercise newbies to all-out athletes: our goal is to provide an all-round physical experience where you walk away with one big smile!

Heyrobics Story - 1982!

How we think


For us, living actively isn’t about building muscles or breaking records. It’s about whatever makes you happy.

At Heyrobics, everyone’s welcome. Young or old. Fit or unfit. It’s all good.

At Heyrobics, we don’t preach. We don’t promise instant six packs, buns or guns. But we’ll help, support and encourage you every bead of sweat of the way. We want you to love your workout as much as you love the amazing, feel-good sensation afterwards.

We set out to create activities that’s different from what most people think about when thinking “health”. We love helping people to be active. But we’re not uptight or overly serious about it. That’s the way we do things.


We want people to think about exercise as enjoyable, and get them to sweat and smile regardless of attributes such as current fitness level, age, skin color or wallet size!


One day, people in every city will have a chance to sweat and smile through healthy activities that offer something great for everybody!

Xiamen Marathon Warm-Up - Jan 5 2013, from one of 10 podiums


A bunch of smiling people jumping around together. How can that be scientific?! Happy sweaty people, some in headbands, other pink shorts. Heyrobics could at a first glance seem like a random gathering. However, that at-first-sight randomness is all built upon science! So, the hour of great, sweaty fun is really a scientific method, used for both getting fit, as well as sports injury and hospital convalescence.

The Intensity Curve has been built to work the body to maximum effort with perceived minimum exhaustion.

Heyrobics was developed based on an interval curve, where muscle groups and heart rates shifts to let selected body parts workout parallel with each other. By doing so, the exercise is perceived easier than with many other training forms, while maintaining maximum physical effect.

Sounds complex? Don’t worry, we’ll never question you. However, feel free to ask our instructors anytime, and we’ll tell you more about it!

The Science - Heyrobics Intensity Curve Basic Sample