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HEY! Reward yourself after a sweaty workout with a delicious cocktail with the Heyrobics Bar Workout series. Taking place at the delightful Xian bar at East Hotel, Beijing, you’ll work up a thirst with beats from a DJ and all the enthusiasm of the people in pink shorts. 运动之后奖励自己一杯鸡尾酒吧!运动不止流汗和微笑,还有美酒与朋友!

WHEN时间! 15.00 -17.00 April 9th Saturday! – then some chill hangout with 2 for1 cocktails & pizza & seafood buffet. Well, for all drinnnnnks & foooood! 4月9日周六 15:00-17:00运动时间-之后可以与朋友一起在仙酒吧一起喝杯小酒,聊聊天。所有酒水及食物均买一送一,鸡尾酒,披萨还有二楼的海鲜自助。

WHERE地点Xian Bar (outdoor space), East Hotel (Lido)! 丽都东隅酒店一层仙酒吧外

BRING带什么Yourself in sports gear! 穿好运动服过来就行了。

COST费用60 RMB for HeyMembers, 80RMB for non-members to cover both sessions! or 2clips if you have 12-times card! 会员60元,非会员80元,包含2个小时的运动。如果你有12次次卡,剪2次即可。

SIGN UP报名! Needed. Our Bar Workouts are often FULLFULLFULL,so sign up HERE soon! **HEADS-UP 80 spots available!** 需要报名,通常我们的酒吧活动报名人数较多,所以需要提前报名。仅限80个名额,报满为止。

 NOTE注意! If the pollution AQI that day is above 200, we may cancel the event. Check our wechat/web before you come that day! We’ll announce it at least 2 hours before. 如果当天的污染指数超过200,为了您的健康着想,我们会取消此次活动,所以请在来之前查看我们的微信通知,我们会至少提前2个小时通知大家。

DJ Josefin @XianBar Josefin, Emily, Agnes @Xian Bar Smiles @ Xian Bar

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