Hey! When was the last time the alarm clock went off and you thought, FINALLYYYYYY”? (Saturdays don’t count!) If you’re looking for a job you leap out of bed in the morning for (and who isn’t!) here’s a chance to work for a company with a difference. And develop a career where you get exactly as much out as you put in. Because one thing we can assure you of: working for Heyrobics you’ll have a big job with autonomy and responsibility by the masses.

As well as all the scope an aspiring-to-become global brand can provide you. In return for your passion, professionalism and commitment, you’ll receive a great opportunity, a lot of freedom, and all the push-ups you can do. The only limit of how much you learn (and how much you smile!) you have is the effort you make to make it happen! 

The Heyrobics Team is a bunch of happy individuals, always looking for ways to get even sweatier, happier and more plentiful. Whether you want to become an Instructor, HeyRunning Coach, Ambassador, Intern, conduct a project – or join the Team Full-Time, we’re all ears!

Interested? Read below!

Questions? Email us: beijing (at) heyrobics.com!



Team & role: HeyClub Beijing

Job type: 30-50% of your time and 100% of your energy!

In short words: Heyrobics is looking for new Club Interns in the areas of social media to boost the attention about the Beijing Club. The successful candidate will have a great attitude, love people, a strong personal passion for what we do, and be ready to put in all energy needed and then some, to make sweaty miracles happen!


Minimum Reqs!*

  • Awesome attitude, passion and creative mind
  • Great sense of responsibility, team-work and great social skills
  • Native English speakers, or proficiency in English

Bonus Reqs!

  • Knowledge of marketing, social media, media
  • Knowledge of physical training & health
  • Decent Chinese


  • Length: 3-6 months. can be extended upon great turnout!
  • Work time: 30% every week – or more if you’re ready for it!


All co-workers are awarded with basic heyrobics benefits (training, gear, food/transport supply)! Enquire for more details!


As soon as possible! If you are interested or know a suitable person, please send an email with CV & Personal letter to beijing@heyrobics.com as soon as possible or no later than May 31st 2018. For any questions about the roles, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Check below for some year-round Internship opportunities! 

HeyIntership - 2016SPRING-JD4

HeyIntership - 2016SPRING-JD5

Your friends can keep their internships filled with cubicles, spreadsheets and coffee runs. Make a real impact with a lot of responsibilities and big objectives on your way to build a CV some people can only dream of, or go on to fill a permanent role at Heyrobics. We have amazing opportunities for all types whether you aspire to further your career in Marketing, Design, Finance… (Actually, not finance. The only mathematics we do are the pushups we count… 101! 105!) or Visuals – these are the Internships that can really give you a sweaty start. No Coffee-Making Internships currently on offer though, sorry ’bout that.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Have more ideas on how you wanna get involved? Email us on info (at) heyrobics.com!