HeyRunning Autumn Marathon Camp 2019

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HeyRunning Autumn Marathon Camp 2019
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If you’re planning on running the Beijing Marathon in early November then it’s likely that you’ll need some training to get you to the start line in great shape! So here the HeyRunning Autumn Marathon Camp comes!

No worries if Beijing marathon is not your plan, whether you’re planning to run any other race or just want to get back into shape, this camp is perfect for you.

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The Camp is for runners of all skill level and ability – likely that 50% will be complete beginners or just getting up and running again! Anybody can do it!

The Camp includes 32 sessions in total, that’s up to 4 sessions per week, which includes weekly speed and stamina training, a two-part Stride workshop, 3-4 long runs (10-35k depends on how you define ‘long run’), strength session for runners, nutrition for runners and pre-race prep.

WHAT: 8 weeks marathon training camp for runners of all skill levels!

WHEN: Sep 9 Monday – Nov 3 Sunday


1.   6.45-7.45pm every Monday, start&end @British School Sanlitun – SPEED training

2.   7.00-8.00pm every Wednesday, start & end @MokaBros Solana – STAMINA training

3.   10.00-11.30am every Sunday, usually Sunday is our marathon theme training, location varies depending on the theme

4.    One Heyrobics session every week, Heyrobics is the best compliment training to running, we have sessions every evening from Monday to Thursday, check our WeChat(Heyrobics) or website for more information.

HOW MUCH: 300rmb! 40 spots limited.


Can’t make to all the 32 sessions? No problem, joining the camp doesn’t mean you need to come to every single session. Joining the camp means you have a goal! A goal to challenge and push yourself even further with the help of the HeyRunning community.

You’ll be coached by HeyRunning/Heyrobics certified coaches who’ll be at all sessions to give you the tips you need, answer any questions and provide some extra encouragement.

Hope to run with you soon!