Farewell Beijing

Heyrobics is going on PAUSE from January 2020.

FANTASTIC! That’s how we describe the last 9 years since starting that very first Heyrobics class in Beijing. From a project in a park with a few of friends to a sport that’s been participated in by thousands of followers all across China. We are just SO happy to have shared with you making exercise a fun and effective habit, and contributing to this community. Whether your starting point was from the KTV lounge or from the marathon starting line (…or both!), you made Heyrobics shine.

“This whole thing was actually just supposed to be an occasional class in a park. The push-ups and jumps was just my excuse for having beer and pizza afterwards with my friends. Looking back almost ten years later, it’s pretty crazy what it actually turned out to be” said Linus, the Founder of Heyrobics. “We’ve made thousands of people jump. Relationships, even families have formed through our classes, and made some of the biggest workout classes ever created. Now, we believe that we’ve done our part, and we’re wrapping up (pausing, to be more precise) this project. Hopefully, this has inspired people to continue this legacy – both in Beijing, around China and perhaps in other parts of the world!”

“Heyrobics is a not for profit organization in a competitive market. Over the years, our instructors and ambassadors have volunteered their time to bring to life the sweat and smiles we started in 2010. Whilst it’s been the most fun job, it has also been a very big job to run this exercise community. We believe in leaving things on a high (five)! Even though we still have lots of people joining us right now, we now feel this is a good time to press the pause button, to take a break, recharge and spark new energy into a reinvented Hey! to return in the future.” said Cassie, the Head of Heyrobics in Beijing.

From January 2020 you’ll not see the regular weekly schedule. BUT! Don’t worry, you will still have a pinch of pink shorts in your vicinity. Our instructors will organize pop-up sessions from time to time, and we will still make people SWEAT and SMILE with our way-too-short-cut shiny pink shorts on the odd rooftop, on festivals and probally on a marathon starting line or three. What Heyrobics will look like in the future and when we’ll be back….we just don’t know yet, but you will be the first to know when we do!

The success we had was just about all down to YOU. Our community, our friends, our partners in rain, fog and sunshine. We’d like to express our huge appreciation to all the Instructors, Ambassadors, interns, partners (British School, Canadian School, Moka Bros, Xian Bar, The Bookworm and many more, who gave us discounts in our favourite city eateries and venues to have unique spaces to work out) and anyone who supported us with love and smiles!


Keep sporting, keep smiling and see ya around!

Stop Hey-11

Ps: For questions, shout-outs, the odd event or anything in-between, just EMAIL US! We’re still on beijing@heyrobics.com and cassie@heyrobics.com.