Hey! Can YOU run Heyrobics Beijing?

Hey! Welcome to Heyrobics! We hope you are ready to become the brain and heart behind the world’s happiest sport! Based in Beijing, you’ll make the hey magic happen week after week by coordinating our team of instructors and ambassadors, drinking coffee with our partners and keeping our community members bouncy & happy!

Head of Heyrobics Employment2


  • enjoy being part of the most fun sport company EVER
  • have a gungh-ho, high-five-ish, ALL-IN attitude to work, sports, life, people and pizza
  • keep sane when simultaneusly managing 25 email threads
  • set up, lead and execute out a project, meeting or activity of any sort and scale. Note – sometimes push ups might be involved
  • oversee and lead communication and documentation towards internal and external stakeholders, including team members, partecipants, partners
  • be responsible for business development, bringing pink shorts around china
  • make sure the number of partecipants are growing, and they are happy with the hey offer
  • recruit and manage the hey team, including key hires & interns
  • connect & set up key brand partnerships


  • opportunity to work with a fun and exciting sport company where people wear pink shorts all the time
  • competitive salary
  • all the hey workouts you can take
  • free-flow of headbands


drop us an email to info@heyrobics.com in 5 concise rows and we’ll speak push-ups!

start date: yesterday!


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