Hey! See you in March!

Hey! Thanks for sweating with us in 2017! We’re so, SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU!

Click above/HERE for a happy Hey video in 2017!

Bye! 2017

We made 20.000 people smile this year

Brittany@Hilton hotel event

Our goal is to make people think about exercise as enjoyable. During the last 7 years, we’ve managed to get A LOT of people who previously had’t put on a pair of shorts in like, forever(or never!), to sweat weekly and SMILE at the same time. Only 2017, we made at least 20.000 people SMILE in our classes.

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Hey! 2018

See ya in March!

2017 has been a great year and also a challenging year, from educating instructors, finding good workout venues to building a lasting model for Heyrobics. We are trying all kinds of ways to provide better workout experience for everyone and make the community more alive.

As we know that a short water break is really important during a Hey session, therefore we will take a “ water” break from now until early March 2018, recharge ourself and adjust the sailing course, then restart from March STRONG and with a bigger smile!


If you have any suggestions, or know any people, group, brands we should hook up, or just wanna help out, feel free to call, email or wechat us!


Cheers/Keep sportin’

Heyrobics&HeyRunning Team

cassie@heyrobics.com / beijing@heyrobics.com

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