Hey! Do you want to be our H.E.R.O.?!


  • People in bright colors and short shorts are just too ridiculous!
  • Strong dislike of smiling.
  • Workouts shouldn’t be fun.
  • Using your imagination stops after kindergarten.
  • Colorless, corporate cubicles from 8am-9pm is your safe space.
  • High-fives are lame.

If those aren’t you, than KEEP reading! As the H.E.R.O. happiness expansion rockstar officer you’ll take on tasks and challenges big and small to bring HEY to more specail places and help make more suits sweaty! This is the end of dry team buildings and boring employee wellness options. Happy Exercise is what we do & comes unlimited, you would have to eat lots of delicious food to keep weight and energy up!

Your main project is to handle and develop our key relationships and make them not clients but friends. New ideas excite you. You’re a happy person. You’re the perfect fit to spread joy through pink shorts and pumpin’ beats  within the work place…at race start lines…music festivals…product launches…weddings…holiday parties…or help blow away that CNY company party performance!


 The Hey RECIPE:

  1. 1 large serving of welcoming workout culture
  2. Add a dash of PINK..and Yellow and blue…sprints, sweatbands & high-fives
  3. Many helpings of social interaction
  4. 1 LARGE desire to change corporate culture one sweaty team building at a time
  5. Finished off by a spread of HAPPINESS particularly to those in business attire.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work Closely with the Bouncing Event Manager for making magic with Corporate Events – and she is SOOOO fun!
  • Client Management and Positive Communication
  • Business Development, bringing pink shorts around China
  • Set up and develop exciting brand an program offering materials
  • Local Fitness Market, Sports Research, keeping up to do date about where to be!
  • Assist with Pre-Event Communication, Event Day Logistics, and Post-Event Follow-up
  • Building a Strong social media presence and online HEY platforms
  • Venue and location recruitment and management

Fun Requirements:

  • Have a gung-ho, high-five-ish, ALL-IN attitude to work, sport, life, people and other creatures!
  • Being able to communicate in both English and Chinese. It’s ok if you don’t speak Swedish, as long as you loose meatballs as much as we do!
  • 150% of your energy but 50% of your work time

Additional Tasks:

  • Misc support/ sourcing tasks
  • Team coordination and scheduling management
  • Attend weekly pow-wows
  • Making photo magic

 Benefits – and now it gets interesting!:

  • Competitive Comission Based Opportunities + monthly stipend
  • Free Heyrobics/Heyrunning Membership and all access pass
  • Opportunities for sponsored travel around China
  • & all the cappucinos and pizza that you desire while working!
  • Flexible working schedule/ part-time role


Drop us an email to info@heyrobics.com and we’ll talk push-ups!

Start date: yesterday!

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