Come to run a beautiful marathon in China with HeyRunning(for FREE)


Hey, HeyRunners!

Who’d like to join a FREE marathon trip to one(or two) of the most beautiful races in China?

On May 27th and June 3rd, two mountain marathons will be held in the middle west of China by the Chinese Mountaineering Association. This is the third year they will hold this race and the first year it will be open to International runners. As HeyRunning is an official partner, we have been invited to bring up to 20 International HeyRunners FOR FREE to each race!

Please check the race details below and SIGN UP ASAP if you want to run this race.

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Race options:

A. China Mountain Marathon – Race in QianJiang 

Date: May 27th 2018 ,Sunday

Distance: 42km & 21km

Start time: 9:00am

Time limit: 7hours

Elevation: highest elevation: 722m, lowest elevation: 402m. total elevation gain:952m, total elevation loss: 1159m.


B. China Mountain Marathon – Race in LiChuan 

Date: June 3rd 2018 ,Sunday

Distance: 42km

Start time: 9:00am

Time limit: 7 hours

Elevation: highest elevation: 1344m, lowest elevation: 1037m. total elevation gain:1517m



About: QianJiang and LiChuan are two small cities in the middle west of China with stunning Chinese landscape scenery, it’s a hidden place you’d never find traveling on your own. The technical difficulty of these two races is right between a road marathon and a trail race, almost half of the distance is on the road. so no matter whether you want to try a trail race for the first time or want to have a trail race PB, it’s suitable for any kind of runners.



Who is going:200 runners for each race, of which around 10 are elite runners from China, along with regular runners and our HeyGroup. We will have up to 20 International HeyRunners going to each race together, HeyMarathon trips are always super FUN! Check below for more pics from our previous HeyMarathon Trip.



How to get there:



Once you arrive QianJiang or LiChuan, there’ll be race shuttle bus to pick you up.


FEE!FREE for all non-Chinese passport holders in HeyRunning! 

FREE bibs!

FREE local food during that weekend!

FREE accommodation on Saturday&Sunday night!

AND…. Refund the transportation fee(up to 1500rmb). Please KEEP your flight/train TICKETS!(Only applied to runners who travel within China)



Spots limited! SIGN UP HERE NOW and we will send you a confirmation email afterwards and more details to book the flight tickets.

DEADLINE: April 20th, and SPOTS LIMITED! First come, first served!


Contact us: Any questions, shoot an email to, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


地下暗河白宇 摄3阿蓬江神龟峡)(陈彤摄)1471-3全国地质公园小南海。陈拾周沿湖骑跑
QianJiang Flight/Train information for your reference: 
To QianJiang on May 26th Saturday (two potions)
  • You city – QianJiang WuLingShan airport 黔江武陵山机场  FYI: QianJiang arrival flights on Saturday: Beijing北京-QianJiang黔江, 19:20-22:10(MU9702), ChongQing重庆-QianJiang黔江, 13:20-14:05(GJ8940) , There’s also some other flights on Sat flying from other cities to Qianjiang, please check yourself.
  • Your city – ChongQing JiangBei airport 重庆江北机场, then taxi to ChongQing North Train Station 重庆北站,  it’s a 4-hours train to QianJiang from Chongqing.(suggested train: ChongQing Bei-QianJiang, 15:15-18:39, K687) ( Please note that it departure from ChongQing North Train Station, not other stations. and it takes around 30mins by taxi or 1 hour by bus, recommend to schedule 1.5 hours at least on this travel. )
From QianJiang on May 27thSunday
NO QianJiang departure flight on Sunday afternoon!! Therefore, you need to take the train to ChongQing and fly back from ChongQing airport to your city on Sunday night. We highly recommend you leave on Monday, while If you must leave on Sunday, there are two trains in the afternoon from QianJiang to ChongQing, 14:20-18:15 & 15:07-19:16, in consideration of the travel time from train station to airport on Sunday busy hour, all runners are suggested to buy the flights that take off after 21:00.
From QianJiang on May 28thMonday
Plan it yourself, just aware that you need to check out the room before 12:00 noon time.
LiChuan Flight/Train information for your reference: 
To LiChuan on June 2nd Saturday (two options): 
  • Your city – ChongQing airport, then taxi/bus to ChongQing North Train Station(重庆北站), a 2-hours train to LiChuan. there’s only two trains in the afternoon which departure at 15:26 & 16:30. So you need to book your tickets early.  (Suggested train: ChongQing North – LiChuan,16:30-18:23, D630)
  • Your city – EnShi airport 恩施机场, then taxi to Enshi Train Station(恩施火车站),a 40mins train to LiChuan. quite many trains in the afternoon, the latest train departure at 20:27.
From LiChuan on June 3rd Sunday: 
There are quite many trains leaving from LiChuan to both Chongqing and Enshi in the afternoon. While for the trip leaving from ChongQing airport, all runners are suggested to schedule at least 1 hour for the travel from ChongQing train station to the airport since it’s Sunday evening, traffic is usually bad during that time.
From LiChuan on June 4th Monday: 
Plan it yourself, just aware that you need to check out the room before 12:00 noon time.

Hey! See you in March!

Hey! Thanks for sweating with us in 2017! We’re so, SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU!

Click above/HERE for a happy Hey video in 2017!

Bye! 2017

We made 20.000 people smile this year

Brittany@Hilton hotel event

Our goal is to make people think about exercise as enjoyable. During the last 7 years, we’ve managed to get A LOT of people who previously had’t put on a pair of shorts in like, forever(or never!), to sweat weekly and SMILE at the same time. Only 2017, we made at least 20.000 people SMILE in our classes.

WX20171225-162214 IMG_8934 IMG_7650副本

Hey! 2018

See ya in March!

2017 has been a great year and also a challenging year, from educating instructors, finding good workout venues to building a lasting model for Heyrobics. We are trying all kinds of ways to provide better workout experience for everyone and make the community more alive.

As we know that a short water break is really important during a Hey session, therefore we will take a “ water” break from now until early March 2018, recharge ourself and adjust the sailing course, then restart from March STRONG and with a bigger smile!


If you have any suggestions, or know any people, group, brands we should hook up, or just wanna help out, feel free to call, email or wechat us!


Cheers/Keep sportin’

Heyrobics&HeyRunning Team /

Come to enjoy the Guizhou 100k with HeyRunning!

Hey guys, the amazing Guizhou 100km is Finally Back! HeyRunning is the official partner of Guizhou 100k Ultra Trail Challenge again this year! Please check the race details below and SIGN UP via us ASAP if you wanna run this race. 

WHEN: 28-30th October, 2016

WHERE: Guizhou Qiandongnan Kaili + Leishan + Zhenyuan

WHAT: 100km Ultra Trail Challenge: 

1、First Day(28th Oct):Kaili (42.195km);

2、Second Day(29th Oct):Leishan (42.195km);

3、Third Day(30th Oct): Zhenyuan (21.0975km);

Race Start Time8:30 am each day

FEE: FREE for all non-Chinese passport holders in HeyRunning except the flight tickets 

  1. FREE bibs for HeyRunners
  2. FREE three nights of accommodation(Standard room on Oct 27, 28&29th night)
  3. FREE local food during Oct 28-30

Check the race website for more info!! 

Registration: Sign up HERE NOW and we will send you a confirmation email afterwards and more details to book the flight tickets.

DEADLINE: Oct 14th, and SPOTS LIMITED!!! First come, first served!

When you should arrive and leave Guiyang?

* You should arrive in Guiyang at 18:00 on Oct 27th the latest. The bus from Guiyang to Kaili(the 1st day race starting place) will be set off from12:00-18:00 on Oct 27th.

* For the trip leaving from Guiyang, all runners are suggested to buy the flights that take off after 19:00 on Oct 30th.

These are the pics from HeyRunning Group in the previous years!

Become a Heyrobics Instructor! APPLY NOW!

Basic info about Heyrobics Education.001 Basic info about Heyrobics Education.002 Basic info about Heyrobics Education.003


At Heyrobics we are currently looking for new INSTRUCTORS for our sessions around Beijing!

If you are curious to know more, and if you think those PINK SHORTS would look extremely good on you. DON’T BE SHY, APPLY NOW!

Scan the below QR code to apply! For more information, just drop us an email at!


Info meet ups (MANDATORY for all applicants!) scheduled for Oct 10th (Monday) at 20.00 @BSB Sanlitun.

Applications close Friday, October 14th, so the sooner we hear from you, the better!!!

Education weekend will be October 22&23!(MANDATORY to join if you are selected)

Become a HeyRunning Coach Now!



we’re currently looking for new HeyRunning Coaches&Pacers in Beijing,

If you are curious to know more, and you think SWEAT & SMILE is exactly what you want, DON’T BE SHY and drop us an email at!

Info meet ups (MANDATORY for all applicants!) scheduled for April 20th(Wednesday)  20.00-20.15 @MokaBros Solana.

Education weekend will be May 7&8!(MANDATORY to join if you are selected)

Hey, Bar Workouts is BACK this Sat!


Bar Workout-04

HEY! Reward yourself after a sweaty workout with a delicious cocktail with the Heyrobics Bar Workout series. Taking place at the delightful Xian bar at East Hotel, Beijing, you’ll work up a thirst with beats from a DJ and all the enthusiasm of the people in pink shorts. 运动之后奖励自己一杯鸡尾酒吧!运动不止流汗和微笑,还有美酒与朋友!

WHEN时间! 15.00 -17.00 April 9th Saturday! – then some chill hangout with 2 for1 cocktails & pizza & seafood buffet. Well, for all drinnnnnks & foooood! 4月9日周六 15:00-17:00运动时间-之后可以与朋友一起在仙酒吧一起喝杯小酒,聊聊天。所有酒水及食物均买一送一,鸡尾酒,披萨还有二楼的海鲜自助。

WHERE地点Xian Bar (outdoor space), East Hotel (Lido)! 丽都东隅酒店一层仙酒吧外

BRING带什么Yourself in sports gear! 穿好运动服过来就行了。

COST费用60 RMB for HeyMembers, 80RMB for non-members to cover both sessions! or 2clips if you have 12-times card! 会员60元,非会员80元,包含2个小时的运动。如果你有12次次卡,剪2次即可。

SIGN UP报名! Needed. Our Bar Workouts are often FULLFULLFULL,so sign up HERE soon! **HEADS-UP 80 spots available!** 需要报名,通常我们的酒吧活动报名人数较多,所以需要提前报名。仅限80个名额,报满为止。

 NOTE注意! If the pollution AQI that day is above 200, we may cancel the event. Check our wechat/web before you come that day! We’ll announce it at least 2 hours before. 如果当天的污染指数超过200,为了您的健康着想,我们会取消此次活动,所以请在来之前查看我们的微信通知,我们会至少提前2个小时通知大家。

DJ Josefin @XianBar Josefin, Emily, Agnes @Xian Bar Smiles @ Xian Bar

Hey! Beijing International Running Festival is coming!

BJ run

640-10640-10Do you want to run with thousands of runners from Tiananmen Square all the way to the Bird’s Nest? Also join us for an energizing Heyrobics warmup before the start! Here’s your chance!

Race time : 7:00am 17thApril Sunday 2016

Start point : Tiananmen Square

Finish Line : Olympic Park640-10



BJ run-map

Race Information: 

Race Route: check above

Race distance : Half Marathon

Checkin time : 5:45am

Closing time :

5km point : 8:00am

10km point : 8:30am

Finish Line : 10:00am

Water station: 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20km.


Sign up with HeyRunning: 

HeyRunning Registration Fee:

HeyRunning&Heyrobics Member : 150RMB

Non Member:200rmb

(Including 1) spot&race bag & a Xtep race tee & timing chip and 2) race package pick-up service by HeyRunning in Chaoyang Park area to avoid you travelling the whole city to pick it up and the crowdness)

How to sign up and pay via HeyRunning?

*This year the race organizer demands all runners(including group registration) to register themselves on the race official website, so you need to log in the to fill in your information after getting the code from us.

Step1: Pay and get your HeyRunning code:

1) Payment via bank transfer or Alipay

*Account information:

A. ICBC, 6212260200064047240,马文龙

B. Alipay:

2) You will get a HeyRunning code by email after scaning the QR code below to fill in your information.


Step 2: Register your info on the website  (5 STEPS)

1): Log in the website, go to “Sign up” – “Sponsor Channel”

2)Use your phone to register first. 

3) Use the code from HeyRunning

4)Fill in your information

5)After filling in your information, click 确认使用报名码Confirm”


Once you see the picture like below one , means sign up successfully!

Registration deadline :

9:00pm 6th April

(SPOTS ARE LIMITED, first in, first serve- priority to HeyRunning & Heyrobics members) 


Want to win a free spot?!

Here’s your chance! 

Go to 5 different HeyRunning sessions with 5 of your favorite coaches and take a crazy hey pose picture together! (Put a pic of instructor with participant if you have one!)

The first three people to send the pics to   WIN! 

We’ll announce the winners on 6th April,and refund you the registration fee!

Hey! Can YOU run Heyrobics Beijing?

Hey! Welcome to Heyrobics! We hope you are ready to become the brain and heart behind the world’s happiest sport! Based in Beijing, you’ll make the hey magic happen week after week by coordinating our team of instructors and ambassadors, drinking coffee with our partners and keeping our community members bouncy & happy!

Head of Heyrobics Employment2


  • enjoy being part of the most fun sport company EVER
  • have a gungh-ho, high-five-ish, ALL-IN attitude to work, sports, life, people and pizza
  • keep sane when simultaneusly managing 25 email threads
  • set up, lead and execute out a project, meeting or activity of any sort and scale. Note – sometimes push ups might be involved
  • oversee and lead communication and documentation towards internal and external stakeholders, including team members, partecipants, partners
  • be responsible for business development, bringing pink shorts around china
  • make sure the number of partecipants are growing, and they are happy with the hey offer
  • recruit and manage the hey team, including key hires & interns
  • connect & set up key brand partnerships


  • opportunity to work with a fun and exciting sport company where people wear pink shorts all the time
  • competitive salary
  • all the hey workouts you can take
  • free-flow of headbands


drop us an email to in 5 concise rows and we’ll speak push-ups!

start date: yesterday!


Hey! Do you want to be our H.E.R.O.?!


  • People in bright colors and short shorts are just too ridiculous!
  • Strong dislike of smiling.
  • Workouts shouldn’t be fun.
  • Using your imagination stops after kindergarten.
  • Colorless, corporate cubicles from 8am-9pm is your safe space.
  • High-fives are lame.

If those aren’t you, than KEEP reading! As the H.E.R.O. happiness expansion rockstar officer you’ll take on tasks and challenges big and small to bring HEY to more specail places and help make more suits sweaty! This is the end of dry team buildings and boring employee wellness options. Happy Exercise is what we do & comes unlimited, you would have to eat lots of delicious food to keep weight and energy up!

Your main project is to handle and develop our key relationships and make them not clients but friends. New ideas excite you. You’re a happy person. You’re the perfect fit to spread joy through pink shorts and pumpin’ beats  within the work place…at race start lines…music festivals…product launches…weddings…holiday parties…or help blow away that CNY company party performance!


 The Hey RECIPE:

  1. 1 large serving of welcoming workout culture
  2. Add a dash of PINK..and Yellow and blue…sprints, sweatbands & high-fives
  3. Many helpings of social interaction
  4. 1 LARGE desire to change corporate culture one sweaty team building at a time
  5. Finished off by a spread of HAPPINESS particularly to those in business attire.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work Closely with the Bouncing Event Manager for making magic with Corporate Events – and she is SOOOO fun!
  • Client Management and Positive Communication
  • Business Development, bringing pink shorts around China
  • Set up and develop exciting brand an program offering materials
  • Local Fitness Market, Sports Research, keeping up to do date about where to be!
  • Assist with Pre-Event Communication, Event Day Logistics, and Post-Event Follow-up
  • Building a Strong social media presence and online HEY platforms
  • Venue and location recruitment and management

Fun Requirements:

  • Have a gung-ho, high-five-ish, ALL-IN attitude to work, sport, life, people and other creatures!
  • Being able to communicate in both English and Chinese. It’s ok if you don’t speak Swedish, as long as you loose meatballs as much as we do!
  • 150% of your energy but 50% of your work time

Additional Tasks:

  • Misc support/ sourcing tasks
  • Team coordination and scheduling management
  • Attend weekly pow-wows
  • Making photo magic

 Benefits – and now it gets interesting!:

  • Competitive Comission Based Opportunities + monthly stipend
  • Free Heyrobics/Heyrunning Membership and all access pass
  • Opportunities for sponsored travel around China
  • & all the cappucinos and pizza that you desire while working!
  • Flexible working schedule/ part-time role


Drop us an email to and we’ll talk push-ups!

Start date: yesterday!

Hey!! 2015 Runner’s World Mountain Marathon. Registration OPEN!

2015 Runer’s World舞彩顺义·北京国际山地马拉松赛

2015 RW International Mountain Marathon


When: Sunday, Oct. 25th, 8:00AM

Where: Wucaiqianshan(舞彩浅山), Shunyi, Beijing

What: Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k.

Time Limit: 10hrs (FULL), 5hrs (HALF), 3hrs (10K)

Highest point: 523m

Accumulated elevation: 2020m

Registration: Email for more info!

*Fee: 420RMB (FULL), 360rmb (HALF), 260rmb (10K). 30rmb for buses pickup.

Schedule: Oct. 25th

06:00: Transport departs Line 15 Fengbo Exit C2 at 6am

06:45-07:45: Race package pickup

07:45-07:59: Warm up & open ceremony

08:00: Race start

10:30-18:30: One shuttle bus/hour (Finish/Start line – Line 15 Fengbo Exit C2)