Hey, life is not only Heyrobics…HeyRunning is up & running in Beijing, too!

HeyRunning is China’s largest international and Chinese running community with up to 3 sessions per week, monthly events and LOTS more! We’re a fun, professional running club for EVERYBODY, regardless of your running experience or goals! With or without pink shorts you’re likely to see us out running in a location near you – we’re everywhere…come join us!

The HeyRunning 4S (SPEED, STRENGTH, STRIDE & STAMINA) Training Method is designed to make running safer, more effective and fun by varying training load and type. Thousands of runners of different levels have already taken advantage of the HeyRunning 4S Training Method to get closer to their fitness and race goals, including Linus, founder of HeyRunning and Heyrobics, who most recently claimed the Swedish Ultramarathon (100 km) National Championship on a training regimen that averaged less than 50 km of running per week!


Based on our training philosophy, HeyRunning sessions are for absolutely everybody regardless of skill level or ability. You can always scale training up or down depending on your current level, and nobody is left behind!

HeyRunning sessions are coached by HeyRunning certified Level 1-4 Coaches who are on hand to provide tips on technique, training, injury prevention and even where to find the best running gear in Beijing! We also have a group of smiling HeyRunning Pacers who will help you through the toughest of sessions, providing encouragement and high-fives along the way!

Spring HeyRunning Camp 2 - @ TimeOut

Looking for more information about HeyRunning Sessions? Check below and you’ll find everything you need to know.

When & Where the session is?

Here’s a typical week with HeyRunning!


What: Urban Run

Theme: Speed (Monday’s are all about Speed combining lots of short intervals with short recoveries. Here we build speed plus strength)

When: 19.00 – 20.00

Where: Bag drop at British School of Beijing Sanlitun Campus! (session start and end location)


What: Park Run

Theme: Stamina (Wednesday’s focus is usually on longer intervals to train speed and speed-endurance at the same time, giving you the tools you need to run faster for longer)

When: 19.00 – 20.00

Where: Bag drop at MOKA Bros in Solana (session start and end location)


What: It varies!

Theme: It varies! But usually focuses on Stamina (Sunday’s are all about running long and slow where we focus on accumulating time on our feet! Sometimes we add some tempo intervals to practice running faster than target race pace)! But this year we’ll be mixing it up again – with My Favourite Runs (where one of our coaches leads a run around their favourite running spot in Beijing), People’s Runs (our monthly 5km time trials), and long-distance tempo intervals.

When: 10.00 – 11.30/11:00-12:30

Where: It varies! Make sure you join the Heyrunning WeChat group to be up to date on meet-up points for Sunday runs.

Day of choice!

Check heyrobics.com.cn for latest schedule of Heyrobics classes! The perfect complement to your running training. Note! Monday & Wednesday Circle sessions are specially designed to build the strength that runners need!

What to Bring?

You don’t need to bring anything to our sessions – just yourself and your training gear! Unless otherwise specified, we provide water on-site and a bag drop at each of our sessions if you bring more than you can run with!

How to Join Us?

No need to sign up, just come on time!

And hey, since it’s not always a bright blue-sky day in Beijing, when the sky turns milky-white we scale down the session so that there is less heavy breathing and more strength work! To read more about our safety-first pollution policy, check HERE!

How much the session is?

You can use your heyrobics 12-times pass(500rmb) for HeyRunning classes. But if you only want to run with us, you can just pay 30RMB per session as you go.


If you’re a runner (or just want to run!), make sure you ask our coach or a HeyRunner to add you in the HeyRunning wechat group, so you know the latest HeyRunning information, such as session cancellation due to pollution, Sunday runs meet-up points, or race information etc.