Hey! Check below for latest times & sessions! Feel free to print it & put on your freezer, workplace or wherever else some extra sweaty inspiration is needed.

Also, note that changes in schedule may occur, so make sure to always check online before putting on those short shorts, headbands or whatever you decide to wear!

For latest news, updates, event etc, make sure to check our website or WECHAT(account name:Heyrobics) ! Check SESSIONS for info on the exercise types, and MAPS for directions!

**HEY! For outdoor sessions if pollution reaches over 150 we may cancel sessions – any changes are published in red text below latest 90 minutes before the session is set to start!** Please see our pollution policy HERE for further info!

UPDATE: Both Outdoor Heyrobics & HeyRunning session on Wednesday May 16 is cancelled due to the air pollution. 

Heyrobics Weekly Schedule -MAY 14-20(EN)-820

Heyrobics Weekly Schedule -MAY 21-27(EN)-820

Hey, click the above picture/link for high-resolution schedule!