Terms and conditions about reservation!


Reservation is available from 4pm every Saturday for the following week. You can do it via either way:

  • Sweat” – “ Book预订课程”on Heyrobics WeChat account
  • “Schedule” on our website(www.heyrobics.com.cn)


What about HeyRunning?

No need to sign up for all HeyRunning sessions, just come on time! But please note that the HeyRunning session will be cancelled if the AQI is above 160.


I have a 12-times card!

12-times card holders don’t need to sign up, just come with your card!


Cancellation and refund:

You can cancel any reserved classes 2 hours or more before to the start of the scheduled class and apply a full refund. Reservation cannot be cancelled within 2 hours from the start of the scheduled class, but can transfer to other participant. Reservation cannot be cancelled or transferred after the class starts.


Can I drop in?  

Usually YES! This sign up is not mandatory unless there’s a“No drop-in accepted” label on the schedule. To make sure everyone have a great workout experience, we will cancel the session if less than 5 people sign up beforehand, so check the schedule again on our website/ WeChat account if you didn’t sign up.

Dress code: 
 We don’t really care, but we suggest you wear a tank top or a T-shirt, shorts, sport shoes, because you will sweat a loot!  And to be environmental friendly, we don’t provide disposable cups anymore in our classes, please bring your own water bottle, we provide water and reusable cups onsite.
Activity risks and disclaimer:
 All sessions in Heyrobics are suitable to everyone, but any strenuous athletic or physical activity carries with it certain risks. Heyrobics cannot guarantee that any movement is free of risk. Participants should consult with their physician or have a physical examination before joining any Heyrobics classes, especially if you are elderly, pregnant, has had a prior injury or is presently injured, has a history of heart disease, fracture, muscle sprain, stroke, high blood pressure or other chronic illness, is under current exertion or has other physical limitations, or has any other ailment that may affect the health, safety and comfort of other participants.
We strongly encourage all participants to consider their physical capabilities and limitations and refrain from participating in any exertion that is above their level of physical fitness. Participants assume the risk of any and all accidents or injuries of any kind that may be sustained by, or in connection with, participation of Heyrobics classes/events.
License of image rights:
Heyrobics/HeyRunning may from time to time undertake certain photographic or video productions of its classes, or during certain special events. Participants who are photographed or filmed during class and other events, whether incidental or not, are deemed to have granted Heyrobics/HeyRunning with an exclusive. Personal, transferrable, royalty-free and perpetual license to use their image and likeness for any commercial, promotional materials. You nearby acknowledge and agree that Heyrobics/HeyRunning does not need to obtain any additional consent or permission from you to use your image or likeness for these purposes, nor will Heyrobics/HeyRunning be required to provide you with any form of compensation, fee or royalty for the use of such image of likeness.