Hey! You got questions – we’ve got answers and plenty of push ups!

Do i need to sign up? NOPE! Unless it’s a special event (for which you will get super precise instructions to follow!) just drop in and enjoy!
What to wear? We don’t care, as long as you feel good. But would recommend T-shirt, shorts & a pair of sporty sneakers. And there’s changing room in each location.
How should I pay? We have multi-pass avaiable (500rmb for 12-times card). And you can always pay 50rmb for one session and try it first. And you can just pay to the Heyrobics Ambassador wearing pink tee onsite before your workouts.
Do you have sessions every day? OHMOSTYES! No excuses for being lazy now! Check HERE for the weekly schedule ( session time, location & instructor name), prepare your funky headbands and catch you at the next session!
Where to go? We believe sport should come to YOU, instead of the usual opposite. So we’re adding new locations all the time! Check HERE for the each location’s detailed address.
Can I join the Medium/Intensive session if I’m a starter? Heyrobics is a sport for everyone! We have 4 kinds of sessions in Beijing right now, feel free to join any session. For the Medium or sometimes intensive – just skip the jumping parts if you feel it’s tough – it’s not about how many pushups you do, it’s about how big you smile!
Can I bring my friends to Heyrobics sessions? OFCOURSE! We love when we have more sweaty people in our happy community! And we even have deals for your friends every week – “social workout” in which they can come FOR FREE! Just check the schedule to see which session is the social workout this week !
Will the sessions be cancelled if it’s polluted? For outdoor sessions, if the pollution reaches over 160, we will cancel sessions. For indoor sessions, we usually keep it going as all our indoor locations have great air purifying system – any changes are published at the “Schedule课表” in wechat /weibo latest 90 minutes before the session is set to start!
Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Drop us an email at and we’ll be straight back!